Orthodontic Care Resources

In an effort to ensure that you have the most successful treatment results possible, we have put together the following list of resources for our patients. We encourage you to review any that are pertienent to your treatment.

Headgear Instructions: Demonstrates the proper usage of the headgear/night brace appliance.

Wearing Elastics Instructions: Important information about how to wear elastics for your braces.

Parts of Braces: A diagram identifying each of the parts of traditional braces.

Expanders Instructions: Information about how to wear your expanders and how to use your key to turn them.

Retainer Instructions: Instructions about how to use your retainer and other important information.

Separators Information: Explains the use of separators and guidelines while wearing them.

Tongue and Lip Exercises: Exercises to help correct abnormal swallowing while wearing orthodontics.