Headgear/Night Brace Instructions

Headgear Instructions

This appliance is used in cases where the upper teeth or jaw are too far forward.

  • Wear HG a minimum of 12-14 hours every day.  HG does not have to be worn a consecutive 14 hours.  It can be worn a minimum of 1 hour at a time, as long at it equals 12-14 per day.
  • Do not wear HG during rough play or sports.  This could result in injury to you.
  • Some temporary discomfort may be experienced during the first night or two.  Molar teeth may become tender and even a little loose.  This is normal.  Take Tylenol or Advil for any discomfort.
  • When not wearing your HG, please store it in the case we give you.  If the facebow of your HG becomes lost or bent, please call us.
  • Never try to pull the HG off without first un-hooking the safety strap.
  • Please place and remove the HG the same way we taught you.  If you have questions, please give our office a call.

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