Angle Reward Program

A beautiful smile isn’t the only reward you’ll get at Angle Orthodontics!

Starting at your next visit, you can earn your first reward points! This program is designed to motivate and reward you to achieve your orthodontic goals in a timely manner.

How the Angle Reward program works:

At your regularly scheduled appointment, you can earn Angle Reward points as follows:

  • Being on time for your appointment – 1 point
  • Coming to your appointment with no brackets or appliances loose or broken – 1 point
  • Your teeth and appliances are clean and your gums are healthy- 1 point
  • Your are wearing your elastics or appliances as prescribed – 1 point
  • Check our monthly themes and get an extra point for participating in the event of the month– 1 point

These reward points will only be given out at your regularly scheduled appointments and not at any emergency visits. You must keep them in a safe place because we will not replace any lost reward points.

You can earn bonus points by doing any of the following:

  • Refer a friend to our office for a consultation – 5 points
  • Your friend that you referred starts treatment with our office – 10 points
  • Going to your dentist for your 6 month check up and cleaning – 5 points

The maximum reward amount is $50. Rewards points expire and must be redeemed within one month after your braces or Invisalign are removed. 

The Reward Prizes:

You can redeem your ANGLE reward points at any time for the following prizes:

Silver Tier Rewards – Earn and Redeem Quickly

7 Angle Reward Points

Choose from:

  • Wallet
  • Puffer Ball
  • Yo-Yo Ball
  • Haki Sac ball
  • ID holder Necklace with pouch
  • Cosmetic Case
12 Angle Reward Points

Choose from:

  • Wood Beaded Necklace Set
  • Leather Bracelet with Stone ornament
  • Hawaiian Flower Bucket Hat
20 Angle Reward Points

Choose from:

  • Disney Photo Album
  • Black CD Case
  • $5 Bruster’s Ice cream gift card
  • Soccer Ball
  • Football
  • Basketball

Gold Tier Rewards: Save Up For What You Really Want

Angle Rewards Gift Cards

Save your points and cash them in for a gift card, and get what you really want! We offer the choice of Amazon, Target, or iTunes gift cards. See the point levels below.

Gift Card Point Levels:

35 Points

$10 Gift Card

50 Points

$15 Gift Card

85 Points

$25 Gift Card

100 Points

$30 Gift Card

135 Points

$40 Gift Card

175+ Points

$50 Gift Card